Now you can give the gift of Burkley!

Nearly all of the products on our website can be custom ordered complete with your company’s logo.  This particular approach allows us to offer high quality embossing.  Referred to as blind embossing, our most popular branding method allows you to feature your company’s logo on each individual product.  The logo of your choosing will be permanently featured on the surface of the leather item via heated pressure.  This approach leaves an effective reminder of your company on the products themselves. 

We also offer the option utilizing our exclusive laser technology.  This high end approach allows us to engrave both graphics and the written word specified exactly according to your request.  At Burkley Case we offer many customization options such as changing the color of the leather.  We also offer the option of creating bundles from our inventory.  Our staff would be very happy to offer gift boxes for any and all items so that we can fill the exact nature of your request.

Show your staff just how much you appreciate them with Burkley custom corporate gifts.  We have the perfect gift to commend a job well done or commemorate any event.  There is no doubt that our custom corporate cases will impress any and all who view them for years to come.  Anyone who knows your brand will know that you give your staff only the most high end rewards.  Extend your brand with Burkley case and look great in the process with us by your side throughout the ordering process.

Let our dedicated design team help you design the perfect item.  Send us an initial e-mail and we will guide you through the customization process going forward.  Please e-mail us at: 

We can add your corporate logo to any of our products and even use one of our many beautiful leather options shown below:


Antique Leather Series

g1.png g2.png g4.png g5.png g7.png g8.png g9.png g10.png g11.png g12.png g13.png g14.png g15-.png g16.png g17.png g18.png

Creased Leather Series

b1.png b2.png b3.png b4.png b5.png b6.png b7.png b8.png b9.png b10.png b11.png b12.png b13.png

 Floater Leather Series

fl01.png fl2.png fl02.png fl3.png fl4.png fl5.png fl6.png fl7.png fl8.png fl9.png fl10.png fl11.png fl12.png fl13.png

 Rabat Leather Series

 rbt1.png rbt2.png rbt3.png rbt4.png rbt6.png rbt7.png rbt8.png rbt9.png

 Rolex Leather Series

r1.png r2.png r3.png r4.png 

Rustic Leather Series

 rst1.png rst2.jpg rst3.png rst4.png rst5.jpg rst6.png

 Safiano Leather Series

c1.png c6.png c9.png c11.png c13.pngc14.png c15.png

 Vessel Leather Series

vs1.png vs2.png vs3.png vs4.png vs5.pngvs6.png vs7.png