No.1 Leather Care Liniment

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Our leather products needs very little attention or care if you use it regularly. However, sometimes adding an extra protection will extend the life of the product a long way. 

Leather Care Liniment No. 1 is a 

natural, water-based concoction of vital oils, nutrients, and a few mystical properties. No. 1 absorbs quickly, replenishing leather’s natural oils, bringing your quality leather back from the dead to near new condition. Gentle, and pleasantly scented, No. 1 will keep your leather healthy, supple and soft for decades to come. This recipe may be used as often as desired to clean, condition and refresh leather items such as bags, shoes, boots, luggage, purses, saddle/tack and leather apparel.

Read more here about how to care for your leather goods.
How to Apply:

1 : Clean dirt buildup and other surface contaminants.
2 : Spray until fully coated, waiting an hour between applications.
3 : Reapply as needed after exposure to the elements. 2-3 applications recommended.