Slim Cover Snap-on Case for Apple iPhone 7 in Antique Coffee Leather

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Never again question the security of your iPhone 7 when you securely snap it into Burkley’s Full Cover Ultra Slim Snap On Case. Carefully handcrafted from luxurious, high-quality leather, this sleek iPhone case boasts an ergonomic construction that ensures quality and convenience: the lightweight frame provides structure and stability; the interior finish prevents scratches and smudges; the exterior shell is protected with an ultra-thin yet incredibly resilient polycarbonate backbone; the natural leather exterior provides a final touch of elegance! This model covers all sides of the phone and the back perfectly with adding as litle as possible weight to the phone.

Product Highlights

  • Handmade Leather Full Cover Ultra Slim Snap on Cell Phone Case for Apple iPhone 7.
  • The snug fit with full covarage in the inner shell of the phone case holds your smartphone safe.
  • Outer layer is bonded to the premium impact resistant polycarbonate which is then covered with our genuine leather.
  • Easy access to charging and earphone ports while providing complete back and edge covarage.
  • An ultra thin backbone made with hard Policarbonate. Covered with natural leather skin on the back.
  • The lightweight frame provides structure, stability and safety.


This product is 100% perfect fit for Apple iPhone 7