Slim Sleeve for Apple iPad, iPad Pro 9.7", 10.5" & 12.9" in Burnished Tan Leather

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In search of a premium-quality case for your Apple iPad Models? Burkley’s Slim Sleeve with Stand will surpass your every need and desire! Delicately handcrafted from high-end quality leather, this gorgeous tech accessory allows you to carry your essentials with you in style, watch movies or video chat without any extra tool, FaceTime friends and family, and browse the web or your favorite apps in sleek, minimalist style. You can also carry your cables, flash drives in the zipped section. Streamlined to fulfill your every need, this elegant smart iPad cover is catered for almost all current iPad models. The soft leather interior houses the iPad and protects it securely. 

Product Highlights

  • We've reworked every element of this premium luxury Sleeve style design and made it even better with our signature leathers.
  • You can cover your tablet in a slim sleeve with extra storage. Our Burkley Slim Sleeve offers minimalists a chance to carry what you need.
  • It is a reflection of who you are as it records all the dents and scratches forever to make the case your own.
  • The kickstand will let you watch videos easily without needing any additonal equipment.
  • You can easily carry you Apple Pencil, chargers, spare pen/pencil and keyboard all together in this sleek and fashinable cover.
  • This case has been designed specifically to fit to all current iPad and iPad Pro models.
  • With its handcrafted construction and the thick, durable signature leather outer shell, this Premium iPad sleeve is made to offer you superior protection, while avoiding a bulky profile.
  • You can use this bag with almost all your tablets. All iPad and Samsung Tablets will fit.
  • The magnetic closure on the top provides safety against everyday knocks, with a seamless interaction free of awkward latches or abrasive zips. 
  • The back pocket is ideal for storing cables or Apple Pencil, and even has a special slot for a stylus pen.
  • What makes genuine leather beautiful is that it is constantly changing and becoming more unique as it ages.
  • It is a reflection of who you are as it records all the dents and scratches forever to make the case your own.


This product is 100% perfect fit for Apple iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7" ,10.5" , 12.9" and iPad ( 2017 )

30 Day's Manufacturers Warranty