Leather Care

Leather is a natural material. It breathes and has its own natural elasticity.  Unlike the nature of cheap plastic materials the natural beauty of leather shows itself in minor color difference as a trademark of real leather.  If you find that your product has a varied texture or a pore, please understand that this is simply the nature of true genuine leather.  If you have invested in a suede or light color case, please take special care of these high quality items.  As is the case with all high quality genuine leather our products do occasionally have a minor wrinkle particularly on soft leather surfaces.  Some of our items do not contain chemically treated materials and they may be very sensitive to rain.  Please take special care of these items. 

We understand that you have invested in a quality leather item for the long term and it is our most sincere wish that your genuine leather items keep their beautiful original shape.  At Burkley Case we enjoy being able to assist our clients so, we will offer simple practical advice.  In order to keep the shape of your item, simply fill the bags with sponge or scrap paper when not in use.  We are also certain that you would prefer that your leather goods maintain their exact original color.  The best way to do this is to simply avoid applying perfume to our leather goods.  In case your item gets wet, please take the time to wipe it down with a smooth lint free fabric and leave the item out to dry.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your Burkley Case item, simply send it back to us within 30 (thirty) days.  This decision is entirely up to you and the exact reason does not affect our return policy.

Please note: The best way to guarantee a refund is to keep your Burkley Case item in like-new and sellable condition.

Part of the Burkley Case warranty includes a manufacturer’s warranty.  Our 90 (ninety) days manufacturer’s warranty includes original defects on the products and accessories.  Please understand that damage done by a user is not covered in this warranty.  This includes: Puncture damage, use of chemicals on the leather, and any damage from overloading our products with excessive weight.

Our warranty covers preexisting faults in materials and any issues of craftsmanship.  This warranty does not cover damage cause by the user such as neglect, wear and tear.  At Burkley Case we feel that being given thirty days to change your mind is very generous.  After this period, you will simply have to learn to love the choice that you have made and enjoy our high quality items for life.  After all, our items are truly an item to enjoy for a lifetime.

Please understanding that genuine leather products require care and neglecting to properly care for our items will result in damage not covered by our warranty.  It is best to avoid attempts to cause dramatic shape changes in our products as this also will not be covered by the warranty.  It is important to avoid issues with overstuffing our wallets with excess cards.  Overfilling will result in damage to the wallet’s stitching.  Each of our wallets is carefully designed for a specific amount of cards.  Be careful of spilling paint on our items and understand that paint spills are not covered by the warrantee.  Also do not leave our items in water as genuine leather will be damaged by all types of water.

Returns Policy

At Burkley Case we will be more than happy to accept returns or exchanges or item returns.  Please understand that we cannot allow returns or exchanges of Final Sale items.  All items that our clients wish to return or exchange must be in their original condition.  We cannot return or exchange items that have been worn down or altered in any way.  Our clients will be responsible for return shipping costs.

We will gladly accept almost all new unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund and we are happy to pay shipping returns if the item is a result of a Burkley Case item.  Such errors include mistakes such as an incorrect item and or a defective item, ect.  Our clients are given store credit in the event that they wish to exchange an item.  We will issue the store credit once we receive the item.

Our clients should expect to receive a refund within four weeks of handing off your package to the party responsible for returning shipping.  However, it is very likely that your refund will occur much more quickly than four weeks from the order leaving your possession.  This transit time includes the five to ten business days that it takes for a shipper to send the item to our headquarters.  Once the order is received, our staff will generally need three to five business days to process the return.  Once we have received and processes your return, it is typical for your band to process a refund request in five to ten business days.

Our return process is very streamlined.  All that you will need to do is log into your account click on the My Account tab then click on where you will see Complete Orders written as a link.  From this point, click on the Return Item(s) button.

If you have not created an account online Burkley Case will be happy to receive your returns at:

Burkley Case - Returns

429 Clifton Ave, Floor 2

Clifton, NJ 07011

Just send us a brief note along with the return in it’s original packaging.  Our staff will notify you about your return via email once we’ve received and processed the returned item.